Targeted Evidence – Targeted Individuals Program explained.

Targeting Exists
Organized Stalking
Directed Energy Weapons
Voice to Skull (V2K)
Remote Neural Monitoring
Illegal Experimentation “Mind Control”
Threats to Silence People
Illegal Surveillance
COINTELPRO  and FBI Discrediting
Targeting Exists

Targeting is a phenomenon of a somewhat organized group of people harassing, abusing and targeting another class of innocent people. The targeted people are called “Illegally Targeted People.” Finally the Illegal Targeted Community in March of 2019 has evidence of the existence of “targeting.” This is according to the United States House of Representatives, the ACLU, and many other reputable sources. Several sources, including the ACLU, said that this class of people were “targeted.” Further, Congressman and Congresswoman called them “Targeted Individuals.”

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Organized Stalking

Organized Stalking is carried out by a group of people that work together to stalk, harass, injure, isolate, impoverish, and mentally attack victims with the intention of shattering their life. This crime is distinct from other crimes in that there is generally no motive except for viciousness itself or a as a paid organized criminal. The methods used to carry out the abuses are surreptitious in nature and usually carried out in plain sight. Often modern technology is utilized sometimes even with support from rogue and scandalous perverted law enforcement.

The end result is torture and attracts the most vile class of people. The target is a plaything to their attempted controller using wireless devices in carrying out the physical and mental abuses. Organized stalking is worldwide and is also called contract stalking or gang stalking. The electronic harassment that accompanies organized stalking is also known as covert harassment and the stalker sometimes uses remote assault and battery in their reprehensible crimes. Many organized stalkers have successfully destroyed their targets, called Illegally Targeted People, putting the target in isolation from family and friends, financial ruin, and utter chaos.

But finally now this predatory abnormal and abhorrent behavior is being exposed through legal action, public speaking, and public awareness.

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Directed Energy Weapons

Directed-Energy Weapons (DEW) are ranged weapons that effect its target with highly focused energy, including laser microwaves and particle beams. These military type weapons are now illegally targeting people with electromagnetic frequencies.
Both microwave heating and microwave hearing weapons can be used on people and the unknowing person would be confused by the bioeffects. These dangerous elf/ulf/vlf/rf frequency waves permeate the bodily tissues causing serious degradation of the health. Electronic warfare is defined as any military action involving the use of electromagnetic and directed energy to control the electromagnetic spectrum to attack the enemy. The Navy calls this “electromagnetic battle management.” But now these weapons are being used in organized crimes against Illegally Targeted People.

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Voice to Skull (V2K)

Voice to Skull (V2k) is a phenomenon to project auditory effects or voices into a person’s head, bypassing the ears. This electromagnetic radiation, including the microwave auditory effect, uses frequencies and surveillance techniques to transmit sounds and thoughts into people’s heads, affect people’s bodies, and harass people.

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Remote Neural Monitoring

Remote Neural Monitoring (RNM), as the name suggests, is a technology that can be used to remotely monitor neural activity of a host. With RNM, not only is it possible to violate the privacy of the Illegally Targeted Person, but it is possible to read and manipulate a person’s emotional thought processes along with the subconscious and dreams.
Research studies have shown that the human brain thinks at a rate of about 5000 bits per second and does not have the capacity to compete with supercomputers performing via satellites, implants and biotelemetry. At present, it is reported that, around the world, supercomputers are monitoring millions of people simultaneously with the speed of 20 billion bits per second especially in countries like USA, Japan, Israel and many European countries. Government have justified this technology as cutting edge under the objective to detect any criminal thought taking place inside the mind of possible culprits.
But the reality is that this is a violation of the United States Constitution’s Fifth amendment, “Witness Against Himself.” Remote Neural Monitoring is a violation of basic human rights because it violates privacy and the dignity of thoughts and activities of life.

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Illegal Mind Experiments

The United States has a verifiable record of illegal intelligence agency abuses including mind control experiments. This was revealed in the United States Congress’ Church Committee Hearing named after Senator Frank Church. After holding 126 full committee meetings, 40 subcommittee hearings, interviewing some 800 witnesses in public and closed sessions, and combing through 110,000 documents, the committee published its final report on April 29, 1976 determining “intelligence excesses, at home and abroad.”
The final report concluded “Intelligence agencies have undermined the constitutional rights of citizens,” primarily “because checks and balances designed by the framers of the Constitution to assure accountability have not been applied.”
One of those illegal programs was MK-Ultra, a top-secret CIA project, in which the agency conducted hundreds of clandestine experiments—sometimes on unwitting U.S. citizens—to assess the potential use of LSD and other drugs for mind control, information gathering and psychological torture.
The experiments, which are actually federal crimes, continue to the present day, but are in the process of being exposed.

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Threats to Silence People

This deserves a category all by itself because this is how the United States government is able to implement the targeting program into families and communities. It has widely been reported by the United States agency Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) Whistleblower Decorated Specialist Kevin Shipp that CIA intimidates and silences whistleblowers, witnesses, families, and the American people, that speak about government abuse, and will even claim the whistleblower or person that speaks out is having psychological problems.

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Illegal Surveillance

Illegal surveillance is being used on all of the American people so this just makes the Illegal Targeted Program easier to implement by federal agencies and law enforcement Several whistleblowers have come forward so far including Edward Snowden, William Binney, Kirk Wiebe, and Karen Stewart. In fact, National Security Agency (NSA) whistleblower William Binney has publicly said “When you marry the intelligence agencies – the secret intelligence agencies – with the police – which is what they’re doing, you end up with a police state and a secret police and that’s exactly what we got.”

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COINTELPRO and FBI Discrediting

COINTELPRO, short for Counterintelligence Program, was a counterintelligence program conducted by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) from 1956 to 1971 to discredit and neutralize organizations the United States government targeted by infiltrating the organization to discredit them. It was covert and often used extralegal means to criminalize various forms of political struggle and derail several social movements, such as those for civil rights.

The COINTELPRO operations included intense surveillance, organizational infiltration, anonymous mailings, and police harassment. The entire Illegally Targeted Community is currently researching and searching for similar programs.

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I am a targeted Individual in the county of KANKAKEE Illinois since 2015- current. I became a victim via my employer which is the state of Illinois Department of Human Services.

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