Deloitte Consulting LLP Military Defense Contracts

Deloitte Consulting LLP Military Defense Contracts

The running total of United States military contracts awarded to the concern of Deloitte Consulting LLP (since 2007).
There are a total of (12) military contracts listed for Deloitte Consulting LLP in the MiC database. Only those contracts with a value of $6.5 million USD or greater are reported by the U.S. DoD. * Indicates a “small business” classification per the US DoD. ** indicates a “small disadvantaged business” per the U.S. DoD. NOTE: the U.S. DoD only publicly reports contracts valued at $6.5 million USD or greater.

Contracts are listed by awarded date descending.
Total: $226,154,491 6/6/2016 – Deloitte Consulting LLP – $9,516,157 4/15/2015 – Deloitte Consulting LLP – $7,443,792 4/1/2015 – Deloitte Consulting LLP – $7,959,914 8/1/2013 – Deloitte Consulting LLP – $10,016,317 7/18/2013 – Deloitte Consulting LLP – $23,000,000 6/14/2013 – Deloitte Consulting LLP – $6,614,408 9/19/2012 – Deloitte Consulting LLP – $12,415,938 3/2/2012 – Deloitte Consulting LLP – $11,993,873 12/6/2011 – Deloitte Consulting LLP – $30,071,729 8/15/2011 – Deloitte Consulting LLP – $49,858,158 12/13/2010 – Deloitte Consulting LLP – $29,100,529 12/2/2009 – Deloitte Consulting LLP – $28,163,676

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