patent and trademark counseling, licensing, litigation and prosecution. He helps companies acquire and develop technology and intellectual property, enforce/license intellectual property, design around patents, defend against patent assertions and structure international commercial activity to minimize infringement exposure.
Industry Experience
Mr. Demarco has litigated patent, copyright, trademark, trade secret, antitrust, false advertising and contract issues in courts in the U.S, Japan and Germany, as well as the U.S. International Trade Commission. Mr. Demarco’s technical experience is in electronics, software, optics, mechanics and chemicals, including: medical devices and imaging; robotics; automotive components; pharmaceuticals; petrochemicals; oil and gas drilling and flow systems; distributed computing; semiconductor component fabrication; and digital reading, storage, display, printing and camera devices.
Representative Patent Litigations
Mantissa Corp. v. Ondot Systems, Inc. et al.(S.D. Tex. and Fed. Cir.); Ondot Systems, Inc. v. Mantissa Corp. (N.D. Cal. and Fed. Cir.); Mantissa Corp. v. multiple banks in four cases (N.D. Ill. and C.D. Ill.) – lead and co-lead counsel for a software developer and patent owner in infringement cases; won a motion to dismiss for lack of personal jurisdiction.
Epos Technologies Ltd. v. Pegasus Technologies Ltd. (D.C.D.C. and Fed. Cir.) – represented a digital pen manufacturer and patent owner in an eight-year patent infringement case; won a reversal of summary judgment of noninfringement.
Represented and advised LED, RFID, microchip, camera, audiovisual-equipment, medical device, chemical, turbine-pump, and sports-equipment makers/sellers in over 25 patent infringement lawsuits filed by practicing entities.
Represented and advised defendants in the successful settlement/dismissal of over 25 patent infringement lawsuits filed by non-practicing entities.
Professional Activities
Rice Alliance for Technology and Entrepreneurship, Advisory Board Member, Rice University, Houston, Texas
University of Akron School of Law, Intellectual Property Advisory Council, Akron, Ohio
Owl Investment Group, Angel Investor, Texas

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I am a targeted Individual in the county of KANKAKEE Illinois since 2015- current. I became a victim via my employer which is the state of Illinois Department of Human Services.

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