GOAL OF THE TARGETING PROGRAM. Harassment Taskforce, [04.04.20 20:20]They try to attack your finances by making you scared and do stupid things like move 50 times and quit your job they follow you everywhere you go. If you start a business they will ruin it and take all your money even quicker.They try to isolate you from people so they can ramp up the attacks and come in your house when your asleep and experiment on you.Your under constant surveillance using ground or remote technologies. Believe it or not but they stick a throat implant in you that can read both vocal and non vocal speach or read your thoughts. Aka remote neural monitoring.There style is to get you to do harm to your self it’s not really to arrest you but make you do something stupid so you get arrested on your own. It’s also a remote interrogation method to gather information.They try to put you in a mental institution, prison to experiment on you more or get you to commit suicide to take you out of societyDon’t tell people who are not targeted individuals because if it doesn’t happen to them or you can’t prove it they won’t believe it and it further isolates you from freinds and family. Your family also has the power to get you locked away in the looney bin.Don’t goto the police or a phsycologists it’s the worst thing you can do they will label you as mentally insane and you will be locked up and lose all your rights.If police ask you a question about being targeted or if you own a firearm say talk to my lawyer or don’t talk to them at all. If you say talk to my lawyer they are not allowed to talk to you it’s the same thing as saying I plead the 5th.Don’t live in a building like a apartment or condo with people attached they will bake you with a through wall machine. If you can’t afford a house get a 30’ camper used for a 1,000 and live in a rv Park.Put up surveillance and wear body cameras it will stop the street theatre.Don’t trust anyone except family they are the only ones who will protect you. Exception for spouses or girlfriends I believe most of the time they are honey traps used to gather information and experiment on you in your sleep. Remember they use v2k and a tactic called remote anchoring to make you think your family is against you but they are not it’s voice changing technology.Never believe anything they say 99% of the times it’s trickery and smoke and mirrors.Don’t react or do anything illegal.All your devices are hacked and they can spy on you through your phone when it’s off and your tv. They hack your computer with a back door that’s undectable. Don’t forget even if you haven’t got to the phase where they made it known there reading your thoughts they are remote neural monitoring you.Be careful with a dentist that’s how they get the v2k implant in you. It’s usually in the second to back molar on your bottom jaw.Don’t leave the country because they have different laws and they can implant you or hurt you severaly.Don’t go camping in remote areas. They will implant you again.You never get out of the program even if you win a court case you have to get the implants out and fortify your house with the best security.electric fences, battery back up alarms, wired only cameras with night vision, motion sensors, trained protection dogs, wired alarm system. A brick castle with high walls and a moat would be perfect or a underwater house, a safe.Backup all your evidence and put it in a usb drive and bring it with you everywhere and make several copies of it. They will trash your computer.Bring your laptop and counter measures w you everywhere you go because they will sabotage them.Don’t use a desktop computer.Buy a personal firewall using openwrtDon’t use WiFi.Take apart your phone and remove the camera and microphone if you need to talk to someone use a wired only head phones with a microphone that you plugin.Use intrusion detection software such as 4 shadow.Don’t trust anyone allot of Ti’s are double agents trying to extract information from you.28.Build a faraday cage that goes from 1hz to 100ghz out of solid steel, solid copper, and mu metal rf door and rf vent systemDon’t waste money on gimicks like QwaveMagents don’t do anything put it up to your phone and it still works even a 75lb magnet what makes you think there tech won’t work?Be careful what you say on calls because they are all recorded.Watch out for scams with people claiming to sell devices that don’t work or offering services making you sign a contract giving your rights away.They have counter measures that turn the devices off when doing scans using remote neural monitoring.The voices are 90% of the time a chatter bot artificial intelligence system maintained by a handler trying to extract information from you.Fill out the Ti affidavit for court casesWatch out for trickery using holograms usually they will be of aliens or snakes. It’s used to scare you and make you look crazy all they are is a projector pointed at holographic foil.There are 3 types of v2k the one where they harass you, one where they try to influence you making you think your having crazy thoughts but they are thinking for you it’s called remote influencing and the last one is remote anchoring where they use a voice changer making it sound like other people you are talking to are saying things they are not saying.

Published by lslolo

I am a targeted Individual in the county of KANKAKEE Illinois since 2015- current. I became a victim via my employer which is the state of Illinois Department of Human Services.

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