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Startups from the Department of Chemistry
The faculty and students in the Department of Chemistry have made an impact on the world beyond academia by creating startup companies based on their research. Below is a listing of the currently active companies that have resulted from research in the University of Illinois Department of Chemistry.

ANDalyze, Champaign IL and Boston MA
Professor Yi Lu – ANDalyze manufactures instruments for quick on-site testing and analysis of water for heavy metal contamination.
Cooledge Lighting, Burnaby BC Canada
Professor John Rogers – Cooledge Lighting makes flexible sheets of led lights that are cool and can be incorporated into structural forms.
Glucosentient, Champaign IL
Professor Yi Lu – Glucosentient produces Personal Glucose Meters that can quantitatively and conveniently detect non-glucose molecules. The instruments are used for environmental monitoring, drug testing, immunoassay diagnostics and molecular diagnostics.
INI Power Systems, Inc., Morrisville NC
Larry J. Markoski (undergraduate researcher with Jeffrey Moore) – INI Power is an alternative energy company providing generator and hybrid power solutions.
MC10, Cambridge MA
Professor John Rogers – MC10 produces thin flexible electronics that are used in a wide variety of devices for consumer, medical and industrial benefit.
Metabolomx, Mountain View CA and West Palm Beach FL
Professor Kenneth Suslick – Metabolomx specializes in optoelectronic sensing of metabolites from an individual’s breath for disease detection.
Obiter Research, LLC, Champaign IL
Dr. William Boulanger (1985 PhD with Katzenellenbogen) – Obiter Research specializes in in custom contract chemical research and manufacturing of difficult or complex chemical compounds.
Protasis, Magnetic Resonance Microsensors, Marlboro MA and Savoy IL
Professor Jonathan Sweedler – Protasis designs target molecule purification and analysis instruments for the structural biology and proteomics markets.
Radius, Waltham MA
Professor John Katzenellenbogen – Radius is a biopharmaceutical company focusing on making therapeutics for patients with osteoporosis and other endocrine-mediated diseases.
Revolution Medicines, Inc., Redwood City CA
Professor Martin Burke – Revolution Medicines synthesizes original compounds using Burke’s “chemical building blocks” process. Third Rock Ventures launches Revolution Medicines with $45 million.
Semprius, Inc., Durham NC
Professor John Rogers and Professor Ralph Nuzzo – Semprius designs and manufactures high efficiency solar modules. They make concentrator photovoltaic modules for use in solar panels with the use of a micro-transfer printing process.
Simbiosys, Champaign IL
Joseph R. Peterson, PhD. and John A. Cole, Jr., Ph.D. – Simbiosys simulates a patient’s unique breast tumors for precise, standardized treatment that accounts for the particular combination of characteristics present.
Spectral Data Services, Champaign IL
Professor Eric Oldfield – Spectral Data Services is a NMR contract testing facility, providing NMR results with GLP/GMP compliance. They prepare protocols, study reports, provide method validations, and conduct audits and inspections.
Spectroclick, Champaign IL
Emeritus Professor Alexander Scheeline and Bùi Anh Thu′ – Spectroclick produces hand-held spectrometers.
Tiptek, Champaign IL
Professor Gregory Girolami, Scott Lockledge (1990 PhD with Klemperer), Professor Joseph W. Lyding (ECE) – Tiptek is a manufacturer of ultra-hard and ultra-sharp probes for atomic force microscopy (AFM) applications.
Transient Electronics Inc., Brookline MA
Professor John Rogers – Transient Electronics is developing biodegradable electronics.
UT Dots, Champaign IL
Dr. Yuri Didenko (1999-2005 Visiting Scientist with Suslick) – UT Dots manufactures and sells conductive silver, gold and platinum nanoparticles for printed electronics.
Vanquish Oncology, Champaign IL
Professor Paul Hergenrother – Vanquish Oncology is a drug development company that focuses on targeting unexploited molecular defects in cancer cells to create therapeutics for unmet or underserved cancer markets.
X-Celeprint, Cork, Ireland
Professor John Rogers – This business develops and licenses patented Micro-Transfer-Printing (µTP) technology for specific applications.
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