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The Neuro Revolution: How Brain Science Is Changing Our World.

History has already progressed through an agricultural revolution, an industrial revolution, and an information revolution. The Neuro Revolution foretells a fast approaching fourth epoch, one that will radically transform how we all work, live and play.
Neurotechnology—brain imaging and other new tools for both understanding and influencing our brains—is accelerating the pace of change almost everywhere, from financial markets to law enforcement to politics to advertising and marketing, artistic expression, warfare, and even religious belief.
The Neuro Revolution introduces you to the brilliant people leading this worldwide transformation, taking you into their laboratories, boardrooms and courtrooms for a unique, insider’s glimpse into the startling future now appearing at our doorstep. From foolproof lie detectors to sure-fire investment strategies to super-enhanced religious and aesthetic experiences, the insights and revelations within The Neuro Revolution will foster wonder, debate, and in some cases consternation. Above all, though, they need to be understood by those who will be most affected—all of us.
From Publishers Weekly
Neuroscience entrepreneur Laursen, founder of a global trade association and a market research firm, is a futurologist with his feet on the ground. After an eight-year struggle to diagnose a painful back injury, Lynch’s condition was pinpointed by a full-body MRI scan; the experience convinced him that emerging tools will improve our “control over the mental environment” in the same way we’ve managed the physical environment. Examining emerging tech, Lynch reports on lie detectors like a portable system for rapidly scanning and detecting involuntary facial tics, and a developing method called “brain fingerprinting.” Emerging marketing techniques include functional MRI scanners for focus groups, allowing researchers to look directly at the brain of the subject, rather than depend on verbal responses. Lynch predicts that brain scan information will improve performance, and may become vital to professionals like stock brokers and specialized military forces; he also sees mental face-lifts attaining the popularity of cosmetic surgery. The exciting news is tampered by warnings that such devices could also be used for “cultural or economic bondage.” Lynch is passionate, knowledgeable and fully engaged with the world of neurotechnology, and his overview makes absorbing material.
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“In The Neuro Revolution, Zack Lynch takes you on an exciting and often unsettling tour of the frontier of neuroscience. Brace for impact; the future is much closer than you think.”
— Jane Pauley, former co-host of NBC’s Dateline and Today Show and author of Skywriting: A Life Out of the Blue
“Zack Lynch’s Neuro Revolution is a fascinating, informative and astounding forecast of how neurotechnology will shape every aspect of our future. If you want to know what the next big thing is and how it will transform your life, work and world, read this book.”–Dr. James Canton, CEO & Chairman, Institute for Global Futures
“When I started reading this book, I thought Lynch’s observations were rather hyperbolic. By the time I finished the book, I was stunned to realize that his points are not only rational but of urgent importance. Avoid reading this book at your peril.” — Vint Cerf, Chief Internet Evangelist, Google Inc., also known as the “Father of the Internet”
“A book of remarkable scope and synthesis, Zack Lynch’s perspective on the revolutionary changes that neuroscience will bring to art, entertainment, finance, religion, warfare and the law is unmatched. There is nothing like a radically new view on where humanity is headed at a time when so much is in question.”– Steve Jurvetson, Managing Director, Draper Fisher Jurvetson
“We’re on the threshold of understanding how the human brain works.  These discoveries will allow us to dramatically improve every aspect in human life from curing mental illness and brain disease to helping humans learn more quickly and communicate more effectively.  The Neuro Revolution insightfully forecasts the enormous consequences of these breakthroughs.”–Patrick J. McGovern, Founder and Chairman of International Data Group, and Board Chairman of the McGovern Institute for Brain Research
“A remarkably accessible and engaging guide to the neurosociety to come.”–Jonathan Moreno, Senior Fellow, Center for American Progress, and author of Mind Wars
“The Neuro Revolution is a guide into a land both mysterious and familiar: our own minds. Zack Lynch describes the technology and discoveries that are illuminating this neural territory, and rightly points out that delving into the secrets of the brain can be both enlightening and frightening.”
–David Ewing Duncan, author of Experimental Man, and Chief Correspondent for NPR’s “Biotech Nation”

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