WEAPONS (NLW) HUMAN EFFECTS CHARACTERIZATIONNon-Lethal Weapons Program > Non-Lethal Human EffectsEffects-Based Design and Modeling In an effort to produce a common resource to predict human effects and complement the Human Effects Risk Characterization process, the Joint Non-Lethal Weapons Program has sponsored an effort to develop an Advanced Total Body Model for predicting the effects of non-lethal impacts.SUPREME COURT DEFINITION: Non-Lethal Weapon DefinitionNon-Lethal Weapons (NLW) are defined as “Weapons, devices and munitions that are explicitly designed and primarily employed to incapacitate targeted personnel or materiel immediately, while minimizing fatalities, permanent injury to personnel, and undesired damage to property in the targeted area or environment. NLW are intended to have reversible effects on personnel or materiel.”QUESTION: What is considered a NLW?ANSWER: The definition of NLW includes “weapons, devices and munitions.” This definition is very broad and includes devices and munitions that are not normally considered “weapons,” such as acoustic hailing devices.Why are NLW important?ANSWER: NLW provide another “option” for the force. In past operations, the effective employment of NLW resolved escalation of force situations. Specifically, the NLW created the right “direct effect” on the personnel/materiel targeted. The use of NLW has also generated positive “psychological effects” on others in the area and helped to contribute to mission accomplishment. The perceptions associated with the use of NLW have been a positive and powerful influence in local communities in “winning the hearts and minds” of the local populace. The employment of NLW has helped reduce the loss of life and collateral damage.

Published by lslolo

I am a targeted Individual in the county of KANKAKEE Illinois since 2015- current. I became a victim via my employer which is the state of Illinois Department of Human Services.

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