Thread by @EccEveryday: ” Remember, no-one in the world can be harmed, can have their basic human rights, their civil rights, natural rights re […]” #DisclosureOnTargeting #HardlyAmerican #Secrecy #Quantico

#DisclosureOnTargeting Remember, no-one in the world can be harmed, can have their basic human rights, their civil rights, natural rights removed from them without a group of absolute MERCENARIES ensconced in govt. ACTIVELY CONSPIRING to make $$$ off their bodies. #HardlyAmerican

2/ That kind of hubris well-shielded by #Secrecy cd. grow only in Secrecy. Wd. anyone believe that extreme-stealth weapons cd be used on you in your own home, your neighborhood, your community by OTHER AMERICANS while your so-called “Peace Officers” looked the other way?

3/ I highly doubt that Air Force Sec. Michael Wynne said that publicly without planned, organized strategy behind him. He was the public face of that strategy, the Hiding in Plain Sight face, announcing PERFIDY by US GOV against its own citizens openly to the world. In 2006.

4/ Michael Wynne has a bkgrd in military and business, with 7 yrs in USAF and 23 yrs in General Dynamics, 3 yrs in Lockheed Martin, working on space systems and battle tanks….and Intntl Development for Gen Dyn. In 2010, Gen Dyn & Metal Storm got 3 mill & 1.5 mill contracts…

5/…to develop counter-personnel non-lethals for the US Marine Corps — to incapacitate humans w. lasers, sonics, pressure stimuli–which sounds like nanotech/MEMs. In other words, Stealth Assault Weapons to remotely access & burn up the human body.…
6/ The Marine Corps houses the Joint Non Lethal Weapons Program at #Quantico. Set up 1997 post-Somalia, and working w. Depts of State, #DHS & #DOJ/others, used in “military exercises” around Earth, new NLWs are constantly being created, tested, and operated –Univs in on it.

7/Citing (aka Projecting/Fabricating) Need, & suggesting DE NLWs are lovely weapons for “peacekeeping,” US DOD plans to keep researching, testing, “fielding” or using these Energy Weapons. Guess on who? Americans & allies & partners: Europeans, Asians, Australians, New Zealanders

8/NATO, US DOD, other countries’ militaries have been running “military exercises” to showcase non-lethals. Russian companies included. See video at
Non-lethal weapons – the latest technology in defence products
The NATO-sponsored 2011 North American Technology Demonstration (NATD) held in October in Ottawa, Canada saw the largest-ever demonstration of non-lethal weapons in the world.
. “Defence Against Terrorism” Wpns to use on “terrorists” “protesters”. See DAT POW:…

9/ While the Flash Bang Grenades & Paint Splatter & Glue Guns are emphasized in demos, some digging reveals the Much Darker side of Non Lethals: millimeter wave weapons, skin penetration weapons, electroshock wpns, acoustic Voice of God wpns, et al.

10/ It’s a Fact that the @usairforce and @USMC have been testing Millimeter Wave Weapons (that’s #5G) in the US, on Americans. #NATO has been as interested — and probably testing in Europe as well. (On Europeans.)…

11/ SMOKING GUN. #NATO is testing anti-personnel non-lethals for “Future Peace Enforcement” when their Creating-Chaos ops let them swoop in and label people terrorists. Oops, sorry, they’re doing that already….RF Pulse wpns here.…

12/ Lasers, acoustic, stun and vortex devices here. #NATO’s official listing of Non-Lethals being tested for “fielding.” AntiPersonnel Wpns to ENFORCE Peace.…

13/Testing is necessary they say, legal and ethical. Public acceptance is needed to convince folk effects are not lasting (!) Sensors are needed to discriminate targets from non-combatants…here’s where implants and nanotech and Remote Sensing/Tracking divs. come in. #C4ISR…

14/ It’s a global industry, & it’s growing. Michael Wynne knew it wd. back in ’06 when he told us Americans wd be attacked by their own military, within US, w. new weapons, for purposes of “testing.” No-one’s forcing govts to fund Body-Torture Weapons/Less Lethals, this is SPIN.

15/ But they’ve merged it now with Law Enforcement, expanding the market, and both building on post-Patriot-Act false-narratives of terrorists round every corner to criminalize ordinary people and further establishing their fear-the-police state, we-have-RF-wpns now High Threat.

16/ Returning to Wynne & his GenDyn connections: In 2013, General Dynamics snagged a $49 million contract to test #DEWs on Americans - RF and microwave radiation - and poke them for “bio-effects” given the Industry term “Bio Behavioral Research” over a period of 7 years.

17/ Earlier, in 2010, General Dynamics had been granted another $49 million contract to support the @usairforce’s DGCS — Distributed Common Ground System & Project Liberty. The primary function of DGCS is ISR: Intel, Surveillance, Recon. Liberty planes contracted to train in US.

18/ Also in 2010, GenDyn was granted $60 million to 24/7 support DCGS. Spy planes, drones, ground vehicles, and SENSOR tracking for ISR mark DCGS. Covert systems of implants & body organ sensors reported by #TargetedIndividuals are being tracked by this pgm, as per my experience.

19/ The US Airforce and General Dynamics are using this network of spy planes, killer drones, SIGINT and sensor tracking, with ground crew, in DCGS to intimately track, send radar signals, lock on to, and penetrate the skin, nerves, muscles, and organs of #TargetedIndividuals.

20/ While this may be compartmented SCI/SAP Top Secret etc., viscerally tracking sentient, thinking, analyzing human targets inside USA was never a smart plan. Further: DCGS, a Sentinel wpns sys involves Sensor Tracking for ISR w. training in CONUS as well as in sites worldwide.

21/ This is the NEXT PHASE of #Biometric Surveillance where a woman’s or man’s intimate body parts can be tracked from miles away. Bio-hacking that’s becoming increasingly granular. NO LONGER SECRET because those being so inhumanely tracked are speaking out. #NatSec dead in H2O.

22/ The enormous, CRIMINAL invasion of privacy and bodily intrusion that #BIoHacking ISR pgms like DCGS represent is being HIDDEN by classified/Secret covers and labeling reporting victims of @usairforce CRIME Delusional & Schiz, and WATCHLISTING them w. help of #FBI #DHS. #QAnon

23/ Like Blinding Lasers, the q. of #NatSec Covers for #BioHacking Tracking, Sensing Radar/Scalar Technologies being tested on writers, journos, activists, innocents in US/UK/EU/Oz/NZ via ISR must be weighed agnst. their Extreme Intrusion, Inhumanity, Barbarism. @GenFlynn @warkin

24/ In 1997, Doug Pasternak, US News reported that Bio-effects of anti-personnel NLWs were being researched by #DOD. @DARPA consulted @NIH for CNS incapacitators. Pentagon planned Human Tests. Metz foresaw “public uproar” when @usairforce got microwave wpns. #SecrecyStoppedThat

25/ In 2002, William Arkin outlined Rumsfeld’s dive into Black Ops to win the War on Terror. Today the same Global Hawk & Predator drones mentioned here
The Secret War
Frustrated by intelligence failures, the Defense Department is dramatically expanding its ‘black world’ of covert operations
are being deployed inside CONUS, via AF DCGS, to track, radar-hit, remotely heart-hit Americans. #IKnow

26/ Calling it “Intelligence,” the #ISR #DCGS maestros & missies at #USAirforce (note, current Sec is a woman) are using Above Top Secret/Compartments to use Radar Sensing & Tracking from #Drones to effect blunt force trauma on prvt. parts aka sexual assault on Americans, #IKnow

27/ Ground vehicles & engines pumping ELFs & vibratory frequencies to Target seats inside their homes or in public to facilitate Precision Radar Sensing & Tracking from #Drones are involved in #DCGS. #FullSpectrumInvasion #RemovalofHumanRights Also, GPS satellites. #CityGovsKnow

28/ As #USAirforce continues to contract out Testing, Tracking, Development of Non Lethal Weapons, Precision Sensors, & #ISR missions, lines between Battle Mgmt/NLW tests, Tracking Enemy/Tracking Americans, Surveillance/Assault, Stopping Enemy/Stopping Americans begins to blur.

29/ Interestingly, Sec Wilson who is NO DOUBT FULLY AWARE of AF DCGS & ISR missions using Precision Radar Sensing/Tracking on pvt parts of Americans inside CONUS “spearheaded” talks on Sexual Assault recently… a little before she apparently resigned to Revolve-Door into Academe

30/ Answering qs a couple mths ago on budget allocations, Sec Wilson said #ISR was still a major pt of focus since much had to be finetuned in terms of #ISR Precision Tracking. #IKnow efforts to disrupt us at Root Chakra from publishing evidence of NLW Tests aren’t working 😉

31/ Let’s be clear though: Privacy invasion into home or body–particularly forceful privacy invasion–with Non Lethal Radar/Scalar/Sonic/Micro/MM Weapons is a crime against the US Constitution and Humanity. Assault & Battery with #StealthAssaultWeapons is still Assault.

32/ To hide these Ongoing War Crimes & Crimes Against Humanity, an army of War Criminals are deployed, to discredit all reporting victims of Wynne’s blithe NLW Tests (& #DOJ NLW Tests) on citizens,such as this one eager to confabulate Paranoia Tales from the Crypt: @NeilSteinberg

33/ The Air Force Research Lab Human Effectiveness Directorate has long been handing out juicy contracts to test DEWS on humans, even before Wynne said publicly NLWs shd be tested on Americans. #RemovalofHumanRights #OnlyWarCriminalsAttackTheirOwnCitizens

34/ And they’re still at it, as this recent call for contractors to pick up millions to burn people anew for the next 6 yrs with lasers & micro/milliwaves in #Stealth indicates. Interestingly, moving DEWs from Research to Operation doesn’t stop them “researching”- read Operating.

35/ Further,@AFRL posits itself as prime leader in all sorts of Next Gen Invasive Intrusive Tech and is meshed with Univs & Industry in its quest to weaponize everything from electronics to biology to brains at nano, quantum, meta levels.Contracts & grants conveyor out routinely.

36/ One more note on that Precision Radar Track on pvt parts that spy planes, drones, DCGS vehicles like FEDEX/USPS/UPS/DPW/construction/NatGrid trucks, & screaming sedans run w. #USGOV $$: While I successfully shield, WHY MUST I SHIELD inside my home to stop Drone/DCGS hits?

37/ There is NO earthly or heavenly reason whatsoever for #USGOV to invade MY BODY OR YOURS, at ANY time, whether in Peace or War. Certainly not to use RADAR or SONICS or SCALAR to ENTER our bodies. Despite Cover Ops discussion on “Legality” of NLWs, it’s both ILLEGAL & TORTURE.

38/ The BASE Illegality of these War Crimes must also be shouted from the rooftops. #USGOV permits Crime via NLWpns contracts run by #USAF #USMC #AFR etc. & NeuroTechTesting Ops run by #CIA/@OJPNIJ on people Wrongfully Watchlisted on #MassFISAAbuses & #MassFMJAbuses by #FBI #DHS.

39/ #FusionCenters we know have taken to calling anyone they want a “terrorist” “troublemaker” “sovereign citizen” “extremist” “anti-government” et al, but they have failed to tell the American public they are testing/using advanced Neurotech NLWs on those they label Threats.

40/ By this means they have locked down neighborhoods. Getting neighbors, walkers, children to “monitor” their targets, point #COPS RF tech devices at them, carry Manpads/portable sensor trackers in backpacks. Using #PsychCommits & #MSMMockers to unleash KGB-style #Fascism on us.

41/ By this means also, highly-educated, accomplished people of integrity such as myself & lovely, pure, spiritual people of a kind I’ll one day aspire to be are being attacked up & down US/all NATO countries w. Military NLWs & #DOJ/#DHS “monitoring” by the uneducated & amoral.

42/This has become a Way of Life for all employed by #USAF #USMC #USNavy #DOJ #DHS #FusionCenters & contractors. These NLW Testing Ops have moved beyond Expmts to Ops, as @AFRL notes. This is of startling significance actually. As are Pvt-Part Sexual Predator Precision Strikes.

43/ Who knew the Air Force wd evolve one day into studying BIOLOGY…but apparently they & #USNavy have been doing it for DECADES! They did after all write the RF Radiation Dosimetry Handbook.And look how they’re settling into doing NEVERENDING research–on Who? YOUR BABIES next!

44/ Americans being sharpshot, injected, aerosol’d w. RFID micro & nanobiosensors for Remote Tracking from Drones/Ground exercises never gave Informed Consent. Reporting victims of Milliwave/Laser/Maser Burns, Blisters, Bruises don’t report “Minimal Risk”: these are #USAFLies

45/ Yet these Weapons Testing Contracts continue. Air Force Medicine, Military Health Research–the safekeeping of US Soldiers–is Cover Story for attacking thousands of Americans, & citizens worldwide Inhumanely, Unethically, Barbarically, and Immorally. Test Subjects have died.

46/ These are Non-Consensual Test Subjects, abducted and trafficked into #USAF Kill-Expmt Contracts by #FBILies #DHSLies. None volunteered. None consented. Enslaved, forced to “Serve” without consent, they represent the modern Slaves created by the US Military & Intel Community.

47/ The unrolling of continuous NLW “Testing” Ops is equivalent to continuous NLW Ops aka Electronic Warfare on the Citizenry. We are living in War Zones today. Drones circle as I write, #ForTheRecord. This is the NWO “Transformation” mil docs reference. #RemovalofHumanRights

48/ People are supposed to get used to this, & thank US Mil for their “Service” while they press Non Consenting Americans into SERVITUDE.#USAF proves meanwhile it’s not done w. Full Spectrum Dominance but wants to invade (Astral, Etheric, other Planes?) Time, Space, “Complexity.”

49/ #AFRL Commander Cooley in fact wants to go beyond subsuming #DOD & #USGOV in #MadScience “Ecosystems” but the entire Nation in his quest to Dominate Time and Space as he looks ahead to “Conflict in all Operating Domains.”

50/FACT:By way of these Endless Wpns Test contracts, in combo w. #CIA #DOD #DOJ #MKULTRA “Live Ultra” #NeuroHacking Expmts, Great #WarCrimes & #CrimesAgainstHumanity are being committed by an Immoral, Treasonous US/NATO Mil/Intel “Community” of THUGS on Americans, ppl. worldwide.

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I am a targeted Individual in the county of KANKAKEE Illinois since 2015- current. I became a victim via my employer which is the state of Illinois Department of Human Services.

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