Areas of Focus | Argonne National Laboratory  NATIONAL SECURITY  RESEARCH PROGRAMS

U.S. Army National Guard
Nuclear Power Plant
Instrumentation and Devices


Advanced Materials and Manufacturing 

The careful examination, study and manufacturing of materials underlies the impressive innovations that make up modern life. RESEARCH AREA


Biological threats, whether naturally occurring or manmade, have the power to disrupt and cause catastrophic harm to human populations.RESEARCH AREA


Our national safety requires multiple layers of cybersecurity to keep infrastructure running smoothly and the military operating effectively. RESEARCH AREA

Decision Support

Argonne scientists provide support through advanced modeling that helps the U.S. military in planning, analysis and decision making in transportation and logistics for our armed forces.RESEARCH AREA

Energy Storage for the Military 

The ability to safely and easily store energy increases our national security by protecting electricity grid, transportation and defense systems. RESEARCH AREA

Hypersonic Flight

Hypersonic flight, the ability to fly at more than five times the speed of sound, is a top priority for the U.S. Military. Argonne brings unique capabilities to advance this field.RESEARCH AREA

Information Technology Authentication

Technology is changing faster than ever. 3D printing has revolutionized information technology (IT) capabilities to design, customize and deploy custom components, chips and circuits faster and cheaper than ever before. RESEARCH AREA

Machine Learning and Big Data

Argonne scientists are involved in several large-scale simulation and machine learning projects ranging from logistics modeling for the U.S. military, electronic warfare and radio frequency propagation modeling for the U.S. Navy.RESEARCH AREA


National security extends beyond our borders, when it is important to secure resources internationally and domestically. RESEARCH AREA

Sensors and Detectors

Working with agencies and departments across the United States, Argonne scientists are committed to developing the technologies necessary to prevent and mitigate security events across the country.RESEARCH AREA

Tribology and Surface Science

Every day we rely on mechanical systems in our lives, from engines for our cars to tractors for construction and compressors for manufacturing.


National Security Programs General Inquiries

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