THE PHYSICS OF VIBRATIONS & FREQUENCIES Ellyn DavisIn recent years, God has been opening the eyes of some of His people to the mysteries of sound, color and light, and of “vibrations” and “energy.”What if there really are “good vibrations” that God has imbedded into everything He created and we just need to be open to experiencing them? In Romans 1, the Bible says that, “since the creation of the world God’s invisible qualities—his eternal power and divine nature—have been clearly seen, being understood from what has been made.” (NIV Bible, Romans 1: 20) Could it be that there are things that we can better understand about God through things He has made such as vibrations and frequencies?If you took the basic building block of all matter, which is the atom, and explored its smallest detectable parts, you would discover sub-atomic particles that have been given strange names like quarks and leptons and neutrinos. And if you tinkered around deeper than the sub-atomic level, you would discover even stranger entities that cannot really be called “particles” because they are more like incredibly minute packets of energy that are constantly vibrating and seem able to change from particles of matter to waves of energy (like light) and back again.In other words, at the basic level of existence, not only is everything constantly vibrating energy, but the energy that forms the foundation of existence can manifest itself as either a particle or a wave.When you mention “waves,” most people think of the ocean, but we are surrounded by all sorts of waves all the time. Right now, wherever you are, the air around you is alive with radio waves, microwaves, TV signals, sound waves, colors, and even waves of radiation beaming down on you from the sun and beaming up on you from the earth.So far, scientists have identified three types of waves:Mechanical waves require a material medium like air or water to travel. These waves are caused by molecules bumping against each other. Sound is a mechanical wave because the sound vibrations cause the air molecules to bump against each other creating waves of sound energy radiating out from the source of the sound. Sound vibrations can travel through air, water and even some solid materials.Electromagnetic waves do not require a material medium to travel. They can travel through empty space and can pass through solid matter. Light waves, including infrared, the colors in the visible light spectrum, and ultraviolet light; radio waves; microwaves; x-rays; and gamma rays are examples of electromagnetic waves.Matter waves are produced by electrons and sub-atomic particles. In quantum mechanics, a matter wave or de Broglie wave is the wave-like behavior of subatomic particles such as electrons, pions, neutrons, and protons.Since everything is energy at the foundational level of existence, and all energy vibrates at a certain frequency, everything that exists could be thought of as some sort of wave with its own resonant “vibrational frequency.”There are many familiar examples of vibrational frequencies in nature. Most of us have seen commercials or videos of a singer shattering a wine glass by singing a certain tone. This happens because the glass molecules have a certain resonant frequency and, when it is reached, the molecules begin a vibration that eventually causes the glass to shatter. There are historic examples of bridges collapsing when the cadence of soldiers marching across them matched the vibrational frequency of the bridge. That is why armies are instructed to break step when they cross bridges. In hospitals, sound is used to dissolve kidney stones by matching their resonant frequency.Crystals also have unique frequencies. Quartz crystals have been used in watches and radios for years because of their ability to vibrate at certain frequencies. This vibration, or oscillation, is then converted into pulses suitable for the watch circuits.Other things have vibrational frequencies too—each part of your body has its own resonant frequency; your brain emits brainwaves; the earth emits a vibrational frequency called the Schumann resonance; solar storms are electromagnetic waves, and so forth.Many scientists are convinced that thoughts and emotions, as well as words, also carry vibrational frequencies that radiate into our surroundings and not only affect our own thoughts and emotions but also affect everything and everyone around us

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I am a targeted Individual in the county of KANKAKEE Illinois since 2015- current. I became a victim via my employer which is the state of Illinois Department of Human Services.

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