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A Community Resource for Single Cell Data in the Brain Gee, James C Hawrylycz, Michael (contact) Martone, Maryann E Ng, Lydia Lup-ming Philippakis, Anthony
A compact, modular two-photon fiber-coupled microscope for in vivo all-optical electrophysiology Gibson, Emily Kilborn, Karl (contact)
A Comprehensive Center for Mouse Brain Cell Atlas Huang, Z Josh
A comprehensive whole-brain atlas of cell types in the mouse Zeng, Hongkui
A Computational Miniature Mesoscope for Large-Scale Brain Mapping in Behaving Mice Boas, David A Davison, Ian Gordon Tian, Lei (contact)
A Confocal Fluorescence Microscopy Brain Data Archive Bruchez, Marcel P Ropelewski, Alexander J (contact) Watkins, Simon C
A data science toolbox for analysis of Human Connectome Project diffusion MRI Rokem, Ariel Shalom
A Facility to Generate Connectomics Information Lichtman, Jeff
A Fast, Accurate and Cloud-based Data Processing Pipeline for High-Density, High-Site-Count Electrophysiology Kimmel, Bruce
A fully biological platform for monitoring mesoscale neural activity Dzirasa, Kafui
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