1. Hi, I was wondering if you were available for help in filing FOIA requests and other possible advocacy type endeavors ? Making a police report, city council addresses ect… Thank you , Lisa ~ Minnesota


      1. Hi, I don’t have anything. I could just use some help support in instruction on how to do anything to bring awareness to our plight. I believe filing FIOA requests, speaking in a credible way to local officials can only help. I don’t want the crazy card used against me, us. I have these children’s well being first and foremost to worry about. Is this message published publicly? I’m very technically challenged. I don’t have much writing, computer skills. These children are being tested on. My daughter is going to die . I feel as though my entire town has gone mad. The participation is massive. My husband is participating, more… I have found information using net cell information applications ect, but, I don’t understand them enough to use this information to the best of my ability if I don’t know what exactly they mean . I have found my ASN # but, can’t research this Avenue without computer help. I’m sure you have your hands full too. I’m sorry you are living with this also. I’m sorry to be jumping around in this conversation. It is such a brutal crime. The things that are happening make science fiction look like a fairy tale. The use of satanic ritual tactics too. It truly is unbelievable . I will understand if you can’t help but, I’m trying to do what I can. I have an overwhelming amount of chaos . Another idea I would like to do is help in writing a blog like you. I’m just seeking a little advice in anything I can do to advocate, expose the fact we are victims, involuntary non consensual subjects in this criminal program. Thank you , Lisa Davis Duluth Minnesota ☺️


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