C60 Nanoscale Impacthttps://independz.wixsite.com/c60-nanoscale-impactThese are examples of nano carbons that assemble in the system~ designed to integrate on a cellular -DNA -RNA and Genetic and Mitochondrial levels~a disruptor on a physiological levels and the capacity to offset any signals that will trigger an immune response and can be activated with freq to accelerate its network or the capacity to shut down a person~ similar to a police firing devices to shut down automobiles while engaged in a chase the same can be done through the right freq to impact a persons central nervous system and autonomous system to be neutralized or impacted with painC60 was detected in various tissues, such as brain, kidneys, liver, lungs, and spleen of male Wistar rats. On the other hand, no C 60 was found in blood. The highest C60 concentration was observed in the lungs, followed by spleen, liver, kidneys and brain. These results suggested that C60 injected in the tail vein could be filtered by lung capillary vessels and accumulate in the lungs prior to being distributed to other tissues. Furthermore, C60 not being detected in the bloodindicated that clearance of C60 from the blood by filtration might effectively occur in the lungs. The time – dependent variation in the biodistribution of C60 was evaluated. A time – dependent decrease in C60 concentrations was observed in all tissues, except spleen. Moreover, a decreasing trend of C60 levels differed among tissues, which could be due to differences in accumulationCarbon NanoTubes–will not be detected in water bodies using currently available monitoring equipment and hence will not be identified as a pollutant, were they to be present.

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