Dr. Robert Duncan Explains Mind Influencing TechnologyEscaping the Matrix presentation. CampDisclosure 2020.SEP 16, 2020 — Dr. Robert Duncan holds advanced degrees in science and has worked for the U.S. D.o.D and related intelligence agencies on a multitude of projects . He is also the author of several books, How to Tame a Demon, Soul Catchers, and others, in which he uses his scientific knowledge to explain the global system of mind influencing technology.Mind influence technology is also called, voice-to-skull (V2k), microwave hearing, silent sound spectrum, silent audio, microwave auditory effect, brain-brain coupling, subliminal messaging, among other terms. This information is a Block Buster for those who have been falsely diagnosed as schizophrenia, delusional, and other degrading stereotypes used to hide the illegal and abusive technology developed by the Department of Defense on their “targets.”

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