From PSYOP to MindWar: The Psychology of Victory by 

Colonel Paul E. Valley Commander

with Major Michael A. Aquino

PSYOP Research & Analysis Team Leader Headquarters, 7th Psychological Operations Group United States Army Reserve

Presidio of San Francisco, California


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From PSYOP to MindWar:The Psychology of Victory – Position Paper by US Colonel Paul E. Valley and Major Michael A. Aquino, PSYOP Research & Analysis Team Leader (1980)

A report authored by then Major Aquino and Colonel Paul E. Vallely, titled “From Psyop to Mindwar.” This report bears a “Top Secret” notation and was circulated to the US “Psyop Community and the US Army War College, amongst others. While the address list on the copy in the possession of this writer has been mostly redacted, it is possible to make out the words “Office of the Chief of Staff” which suggests that a copy was also sent to the Joint Chiefs. Arguing that the US lost the Vietnam War not because they were outfought but, rather, “out-Psyoped” “in the streets of American cities,” the report called for greater emphasis to be placed on “MindWar” directed through the US Media. The report added that “coercive” measures if they are to work effectively must remain undetected. Delivery mechanisms for making targets “receptive to ideas” would, the report argued, need to take full advantage of the ability of electromagnetic weapons such as Extremely Low Frequency Waves (ELF). In other words, Mind Control technologies then in development.

Aquino’s and Vallely’s study clearly hit the spot inside the Pentagon. Most of us are now aware that the military has for some years now, been able to manipulate news and “spin” the major media when it comes to reporting of US military involvement overseas. The lessons of being “Out-Psyoped” at home have been taken on board and are not to be repeated in the future. That the lesson was indeed learned was clearly demonstrated in the reporting of the 1991 Gulf War, when CNN stole the show due to the access it had to direct feeds from US military satellites.

For those who continue to harbour doubts that mind control technologies form part of the US military arsenal, they need do no more than point their internet browser towards the US Navy’s Joint Programme Office – Special Technologies Countermeasures website and read about the Technical Information Exchange Group’s (TIEG) planned “special invitation only” conference hosted by the United Stated Special Operations Command at MacDill Air Force Base in Tampa, Florida, scheduled for the Autumn 2002. The conference is designed to “facilitate the interaction and information exchange between the developers and users of special, nonkinetic technologies (my emphasis). [33] The category of “non-kinetic technologies listed for “operational planning” and discussion are as follows:

• Electromagnetic Weapons

• Acoustic Psycho-Correction

• Chemical Attitude Adjustment

• Visual Stimulation & Illusions

• Material Degraders

• Non-Penetrating Projectiles

• Incapacitants

• High Pressure Water Systems

• Concealed Weapon Detection

• Electronic Disablers

• Acoustic Systems

• Combustion Inhibition

• Immobilizers

• Olfactory Chemicals

• Laser Systems

Number two on this list, “Acoustic Psycho-Correction” is the self same “Mind Control” technology that has the ability to “control minds and alter behaviour of civilians and soldiers” and which also “involves the transmission of specific commands via static or white noise bands into the human subconscious without upsetting other intellectual functions,” that is aimed at altering the “behaviour on willing and unwilling subjects,” reported in the Defence News article discussed earlier on page 3.

Text from “Masters of Persuasion” – by David Guyatt (2005)

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