Gunman Said Electronic Brain Attacks Drove Him to Violence, F.B.I. Says – The New York Times Musk just did a Neuralink demonstration this past week. There are human-machine interface weapons in the military/intelligence communities’ arsenal and that is what Aaron Alexis was attacked with. It’s not new, and there are tens of thousands of similar victims. The tech is used in conjunction with the type of stalking and harassment that we’ve seen in the Harvey Weinstein and Scientology cases. The goal is to discredit the target as a delusional or schizophrenic person at which point the tech is used to torture the individual until they lash out like this Alexis guy did.I’m a former naval officer, a graduate of the United States Naval Academy. I have degree in control systems engineering and I’ve been telling the public about these types of attacks for years now. It has to be recognized and stopped. It should be very very obvious at this point.Ms. Adams

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