I began experiencing workplace mobbing through my employment for the state of Illinois Department of Human Services Kankakee County . They used my coworkers and the employees began daily workplace harassment to shame and break you down. I was falsely labeled mentally lll and armed dangerous threat. I experience aerial , community harassment, electronics hacking, phone tapping, drones, planes, helicopters, satellites. I found the link to the military, my job & me is a military contractor named Deloitte. I also found military industrial complex list with the state of Illinois government, universities, aerospace chemicals, biological, and nuclear companies, utility companies, technology, security & military agencies & contractors and it’s called Illinois SmartState Blockchain Initiative military industrial complex list of partners. This list is under the University Illinois Urbana Champaign, Department of Defense, UILABS , MxD, DMDII with private & public partners. This list is the INTERNET OF THINGS./THE SMART GRID. ILLINOIS IS THE FIRST SMART STATE IN THE UNITED STATES.

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