NSA personnel in the community usually have cover identities such as social workers, lawyers and business owners.

In my targeting it began at my job for the State Of AI Illinois Department Of Human Services Kankakee County HUB. I worked as a human services caseworker. I was allowed daily attacked from my local office administrator Phyllis Baxter and her manager Michelle Borden & Elizabeth Jackson . Whom allowed 8 or 9 staff to conduct workplace mobbing harassment on me everyday Monday-Friday 8:30-5. They were allowed to come into work and process 1-3 cases a day which are unacceptable. The harassment was implemented to cause me to react aloud defensively or act out violently or aloud which would make me appear unstable or mentally ll to the other co workers. Phyllis always came into the office from day 1 speaking about previous caseworkers she had under her management whom had to take FMLA due to mental illness challenges. She always spoke about keeping the FCRC HUB separate from the FCRC Office by all means. When the staff workplace mobbing harrassment was going on with me she said nothing about the staff bullying until a meeting in 01/2017. Where a particular caseworker named Theresa Alaran was allowed during the meeting to state comments on several occasions “staff with mental illness in the office”, on a meeting about workplace bullying and hostile environment. I remember looking at her and she stared at me with a sneaky smirk. I stared at her because it was inappropriate due to there were 2 staff I knew of with diagnosis mental illness and I assumed she was referencing them which was inappropriate. But she kept staring at me. Nothing was said by management to deter this. All the while Phyllis kept looking very nervous.

Someone higher up was giving management and the staff the authority to carry out the claims of mental illness and workplace mobbing/harassment/bullying tactics used to cause a person to act out or go “postal”.

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