Targeting Technology

There are 4 main technologies being used in the targeting:

(1) Smart Meters

(2) Microwave Satellites

(3) Cell Towers

(4) Drones

(5) [Portable units are usually fake.] They cannot carry the massive electrical load for a weapon.

(1) Smart Meters

The smart meters are readily controlled from a remote location, which allows the government criminals to harass an individual with plausible deniability. This is one of the first steps taken against a new Targeted Individual. The microwave signal is transmitted thru all of the household wiring. If you are exposed to microwaves coming from all directions, the first possible solution – is to switch off some of the circuit breakers at the breaker box. This can make a safe area in your house, i.e, shut off all the breakers that go to a back bedroom.

(2) Satellites

The first microwave attack satellites were launched under President Reagan’s Star Wars program (SDI) in 1987. These satellites were designed to disable ICBM nuclear missiles during the ascent phase. Tracking frequencies used are 3600 – 3750 MHz, and the attack signal is 3920 – 3935 MHz. FCC frequency allocation tables, confirm the use of these frequencies as Satellite-To-Ground signals. These satellites and frequencies are now being used against Targeted Individuals. The tracking signal has an accuracy better than 1 centimeter, and the GPS coordinates can be relayed to a cell tower or drone for additional targeting. These tracking signals generally come from a satellite that is almost directly overhead – Lockheed Martin builds these GPS satellites in Littleton, Colorado. (NavStar satellite).

Fig 1. Satellite Operator Stations at Peterson AFB. Fig 2. Vircator – Microwave satellite weapon

Patent 4345220




Fig 3. Headquarters – Air Force Space Command (AFSPC);

Peterson Air Force Base,

Colorado Springs, Colorado, U.S.A.

The satellites are operated and controlled from Peterson Air Force Base and Schreiver Air Force Base, near Colorado Springs, Colorado, under the Air Force Space Command. There are hundreds of Air Force personnel that have been trained to control the satellites and “push the button” to hit a person on the ground with microwave beam pulses. They know exactly what they are doing to people, and they know it is probably illegal. Some of these Air Force personnel have probably tried to become whistleblowers. This may explain the alarming suicide rate in Colorado Springs – some of these incidents were actually murders or staged suicides. The people that “push the button” are usually young, in their 20’s and 30’s. They are enlisted personnel and their rank is typically an Airman or Senior Airman. They hold a Top Secret security clearance, TS/SCI (Sensitive Compartmented Information), and follow the orders of their commanding officers. In the case of the Targeted Individuals program, it is called an Unacknowledged Special Access Program (USAP), which means that even the President, will not be informed about the program (this is illegal). All USAP’s are illegal and a violation of the U.S. Constitution. People that work on these programs, have their lives and families threatened to keep it secret. The irony about working within a USAP – is that, if a person reveals their existence, they cannot be charged with a crime, because the program itself is illegal. For a discussion on this, see Dr Steven Greer’s latest book and movie – “Unacknowledged.”

How do we know that Air Force Space Command is behind these satellite attacks? The ability to precisely track, millions of people, requires a massive network of satellites using the latest technology in positioning, navigation, and timing. Literally, every person in the United States is being tracked with a microwave pulse to the top-back part of their head – that’s 327 million people, being tracked every second. There is only one organization in the world that has that capability – the U.S. Air Force Space Command. This statement from the Air Force website is basically an admission of guilt:

“AFSPC (Air Force Space Command) is the sole provider of positioning, navigation, and timing, as well as the bulk of satellite communications to the warfighting community. Lastly, AFSPC serves as the Air Force’s Executive Agent for space. In this role, AFSPC is the advocate for space capabilities and systems for all unified commands and military services, and collectively provides space capabilities the US needs today and in the future.”

Watch this 5 minute video by Dr Bill Deagle, MD, about Schriever Air Force Base:

“The underground facilities at Schriever Air Force Base have more computing power, than all of the rest of the planet put together, by a very large order of magnitude.”

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(3) Cell Towers

Digital beam-forming technologies have been installed on many cell tower antennas in urban areas. The antennas consume large amounts of electricity to act as a weapon. The 5G technology allows the weapons to fire, millions of times each second from a single antenna. Typical frequencies used are 2400 MHz and 2550 MHz, although it can vary from 2300 – 2900 MHz. With 5G, the frequencies will be much higher.

(4) Drones

There are two primary drones in use by the military services against civilians in the United States. The MQ-9 Reaper (and its variants) are manufactured by General Atomics in Poway, California. This drone is operated by U.S. Air Force personnel. The other primary drone is the RQ-7 Shadow (and its variants) manufactured by AAI Corporation, in Hunt Valley, Maryland. This drone is primarily operated by U.S. Army personnel. Many thousands of both drones have been ordered for the military. The largest drone training facility is located near Fort Huachuca, Arizona. We know these are the drones that are being used, because TI’s have identified them from numerous images, after seeing them in the air. There is also the payload requirement – smaller drones cannot lift the 30 to 60 pounds of equipment that are needed to perform a microwave attack. The MQ-9 Reaper is operated from many Air Force Bases in the United States. In Houston, Texas, they are operated from a hangar at Ellington Air Force Base and used to target civilians. Also note, the Drones in Houston were probably used to initiate multiple Plant-Factory fires, during 2018 – 2019.


MQ-1 Predator used for microwave targeting by Air Force personnel.


RQ-7 Shadow used for microwave targeting by Army personnel.


Specifications for the MQ-1. Note the payload.


Specifications for RQ-7.

V2K (Microwave Hearing)

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Dr. Frey, in his 1962 report, Human Auditory System Response to Modulated Electromagnetic Energy, which appeared in the Journal of Applied Psychology; Dr. Frey described how microwave hearing was demonstrated using a microwave transmitter that projected sound several hundred feet.

The transmitter used pulse-modulated waves at extremely low average power levels. The transmission was immediate. The system was wireless and receiverless, and the sounds were even heard by the deaf. Then in the mid 1970s, Dr. Sharp helped to develop microwave hearing technology for DARPA by conducting research at the Walter Reed Army Institute of Research (WRAIR). In 1973 Dr. Sharp proved that the correct modulation of microwave energy could result in the wireless and receiverless transmission of audible speech.

In 1976 it was reported by the Los Angeles Herald-Examiner that the Soviets were also conducting extensive research into microwave hearing that was brought to the attention of the US Defense Intelligence Agency. Words which appeared to be originating within a person’s skull, they reported, could be induced by microwaves. The technology was to be used for antipersonnel purposes.

The October 1998 US Patent 4877027—Hearing System, mentioned that sound could be induced in the head of an individual using microwaves in the range of about 100 MHz to 10 GHz. The waves consist of frequency modulated bursts lasting from about 500 nanoseconds to 100 microseconds that create a sense of hearing in the individual whose head is targeted. It is effective regardless of a person’s hearing ability.

Others patents pertaining to microwave hearing, such as the August 1989, US Patent 4858612—Hearing Device, and the July of 2003, US Patent 6587729—Apparatus for Audibly Communicating Speech Using the Radio Frequency Hearing Effect, are based on similar scientific principles.

In July of 2008, New Scientist announced that Sierra Nevada Corporation planned to build a microwave gun able to project beams of sounds directly into people’s heads. The weapon, which is based on the microwave audio effect, will be used by the military. Wired’s February 2008 story, Pentagon Report: Nonlethal Weapons Could Target Brain, Mimic Schizophrenia, described how microwave weapons which create voices in people’s heads are not only possible, but have already been demonstrated.

Most researchers from the mid 1960s into the early 1990s have concluded that bone conduction (thermal expansion) is the physical mechanism that allows for microwave hearing. The detection of microwave hearing is the same in humans as it is in other mammals. Bone conduction is just a secondary pathway for sound transmission in humans and most other mammals. Bone conduction works basically in the following way: Upon hitting the skull and interacting with the soft tissue in the head, a microwave signal in the range of about 2.4 MHz to 10 GHz is down-converted to an acoustic frequency of about 5 kHz.


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U.S. Electromagnetic Weapons and Human Rights. Peter Phillips, 2006.


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