The Psychology of “Crazy”

It is interesting to poll people as to what they believe “crazy” means.

The average person’s intuitive understanding of the word usually means to do or say something very unusual or bazaar. Geniuses and eccentrics have throughout history been called crazy. My father is a very conservative man, and he calls about a third of everyone he meets crazy. People who visit San Francisco from a conservative culture, thinks the whole city is crazy.

The trend that I have found is that less worldly experiences one has, the more often one judges behavior that is not native to their own culture as some form of mental illness.

This is clearly an error to believe that something that has not been thought, heard, or seen before is some kind of pathology of the mind. When one has many errors of thinking, it could be classified as mental illness, unless the errors of thinking are being induced electromagnetically through TAMI. Stop the signal and the brain will regain its normal processing.

But this is an important psychological observation, that these discrediting tactics are regularly and historically used by the CIA and psyclOps.

Create a scenario that is so improbable like government goon squads or being abducted and tortured, and the majority of people will think the person reporting it is crazy, simply because it is so unusual.

Image if you were one of Jeffrey Dahlmer’s victims, and you escaped and you told a story about a man who eats dead people, keeps them in his fridge, and drills holes in their heads to try and create a sex zombie to the police. We know this happened, but the police would most likely have locked you up in the psyche ward for showing delusional symptoms. In fact, the police returned a boy who was bleeding from his head, naked, confused, and didn’t speak English very well, back to Jeffrey Dahlmer and within ten minutes after the police returned the kid, he killed and ate him.

Jeffrey Dahlmer used the same tactics as the CIA successfully. Of two possible scenarios which was more believable? Jeffery told the police that he and the boy were fighting, homosexual lovers.

So this is how the game is played. Get some famous psychologists on your payroll. Have them create new mental illness like “Thought Sonarization”. And you can label anyone as mentally ill who speaks about the “voice of god” weapons, microwave hearing effect, mind reading radar, or ultrasonic heterodyning technologies that you wish to keep out of the population’s awareness.

As time progresses over the decades, the new mental illness will gain more credibility due to its age and number of people reporting it.

I tracked back several “mental illnesses” to the same time frame as TAMI came on line and to known mind control monster psychologists on the CIA payroll like Cameron. This has allowed the human effects weapons testing industry on the population to expand and go unrecognized. One percent of the population has schizophrenia.

According to some psychological studies, over 20% of the population has some form of mental illness. Perhaps the categories are getting too broad. See the appendix for my facetious comments on many popular illnesses.

What percentage of those classified as mentally ill are genetic and environmentally caused, and what percent is government menticide? The two groups overlap significantly. Through my protected sources, I was told that government weapons testers look for brain waves that show three traits that they want. One is an amplification factor of neurons often found in dopamine excessive brains.

This group has traditionally been known to exhibit psychosis. The other is brain entrainment inducibility indicative of a high susceptibility to hypnosis. The third is the uniqueness of the brain waves to add to the database which increases the effectiveness of TAMI for other people. Other factors for target selection include the ease of discrediting and isolating the victim.

Test patterns

I was able to interview over 500 people that know they are/were electronically harassed, slipped drugs, fed radiation, MKULTRA mind controlled, or directed energy weapons test victims.

Several have died while writing this book. They range from children to the elderly, from poor to wealthy, from religious to atheist, from uneducated to educated. People are chosen at random like in all their other tests.

There is a segment that is overwhelmingly large for a random testing pool and that is government whistle blowers. FBI agents, military personnel, or cops in particular are targeted by these weapons if they testify against other government agencies. It is just so heart breaking to hear all these stories. I met a few families where everyone was targeted suddenly with voice to skull and with the EEG replay of the pains which they are collecting and storing from other people.

Most people get a slight variation of all TAMI’s capabilities, I assume to make any test patterns less noticeable. Some people only get voice to skull, Stocklin’s patent. Some only get tortured and physically manipulated limbs. Some get the remote MKULTRA programming.

I was unlucky. I got a demonstration of the full works of mind control technologies and SATAN. SATAN (silent assassination through amplification of neurons) is the program to try and kill the target through car crashes, heart attack, depression and suicide, self destructive behavior, neglect, or to be a programmed assassin.

They were somewhat fair in that they told me ahead of time using the synthetic telepathy, exactly how they were going to try to kill me each day.

They told me every torture they were to inflict on me ahead of time. It was oddly routine for them. They said that they had successfully killed an artist in San Francisco with a heart attack, a woman pediatrician, and an old lady in a nursing home.

They felt pretty confident that they could kill me with EEG cloning. The 200 people in their weapons testing group were competing for points according to the main heterodyned project leader.

Those that gained enough experience points could go on to the psychic assassins and mind controllers team who work on real projects like world leaders after they collected the effectiveness of the pain data, collected the mind control statistics, and mapped the unique brain waves that I had for their database.

Publication number US3951134 A

Publication type Grant

Application number US 05/494,518

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Priority date Aug 5, 1974

Inventors Robert G. Malech

Original Assignee Dorne & Margolin Inc.

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Apparatus and method for remotely monitoring and altering brain waves

US 3951134 A


Apparatus for and method of sensing brain waves at a position remote from a subject whereby electromagnetic signals of different frequencies are simultaneously transmitted to the brain of the subject in which the signals interfere with one another to yield a waveform which is modulated by the subject’s brain waves. The interference waveform which is representative of the brain wave activity is re-transmitted by the brain to a receiver where it is demodulated and amplified. The demodulated waveform is then displayed for visual viewing and routed to a computer for further processing and analysis. The demodulated waveform also can be used to produce a compensating signal which is transmitted back to the brain to effect a desired change in electrical activity therein.

The same strategy is being used again but by the U.S. on its own people. No one will stand up, believe, or even think about that the taboo topic of mental illness might be a cover up just like how the government used what they called retarded children in their radiation experiments for 30+ years. I believe that the term “radiation” has been purposefully confused in much of the literature.

The word “radiation” is used to describe two different kinds of energy release.

Classical use of the word “radiation” means that an alpha-particle was released like from Uranium. But an acceptable use of the word means electromagnetic radiation which is just photonic energy, i.e. directed energy RADAR.

These are possibly more word games and brand confusion techniques of the traitors conducting informational warfare.

Propaganda – Word Games

One U.S. military leader in an article called, “The mind has no firewall,” coined a term called “psychoterrorism”.

It means terrorizing citizens with psychotronic weapons. Guess what they are doing to thousands of Americans and others in NATO countries. It is nothing less than federally sponsored terrorism. They prefer to call it “weapons testing” though.

Precise language is important in communicating ideas and more importantly it reveals how the communicator changes language for their intention. The word “terrorism” is a perfect example. Breakdown what this marketing term means. It means guerilla warfare and to terrify the populous.

How do you distinguishes it from normal guerilla warfare? Is trying to destroy the Pentagon and hurt the financial center at ground zero, really terrorism or just very strategic targets to take out your enemy? Who benefits from the population being frightened?

Paranoia favors government in rallying the people’s support for a fight. It does not favor the other side. They could have killed more people by going to a football stadium with machine guns at the exits. They are trying to stop a system, not kill the citizens, just as we are in Iraq. The word was coined as propaganda by those that are most threatened in order to garnish support for their cause.

Another phrase that has more meaning now than it did when it was coined is living “the American Dream”. We are allowed to create a myopic world view for ourselves. We can be sheltered from knowing or caring about the hardships of the rest of the world. We don’t even have to care about our neighbors anymore. Selfishness and the “me” generation currently rule.

The mass news media and Hollywood will help create the American delusion for you.

You can live in happy bliss ignorant of politics, corruption, and other pesky concerns. Replace the bigger questions and concerns with the immediate ones like where is the nearest Star Bucks and when do I get a raise. Ahh, how I reminisce about the simple life and on occasion I wish I could be reinserted into the matrix, the American delusion.

But I carry the burden of knowledge and with that responsibility to educate and motivate the 300 million people into action, a force that is unstoppable if they would just be told the God’s honest truth about the secrets which the Pentagon holds from them in both technology and strategy.

The populous would have a very different opinion than what is fashionable now if they knew and believed the truth of the larger picture. What I would like to clarify is the vocabulary surrounding this relatively new breed of weapon called EEG heterodyining.

It has so many misnomers and misdirections surrounding it in literature.

an effort to confuse the public, the EEG heterodyning weapon goes under many names:

non-lethal weapons, soft kill weapons, silent kill weapons, directed energy, bioelectromagnetic weapon, psychic warfare, psi weapons, psychotronics, neurological weapons, neuralizer, nervous system disruptors, electronic weapons, EEG cloning, mind melding, ionospheric heaters, over the horizon radar, continental ballistic missile defense,

…and the list goes on.

A constantly changing vocabulary around this weapons system has confused the topic.

The populous would have a very different opinion than what is fashionable now if they knew and believed the truth of the larger picture. What I would like to clarify is the vocabulary surrounding this relatively new breed of weapon called

Mind reading radar and EEG heterodyning has been spying into the minds of everyone in their most intimate moments. They have profiles on almost everyone to use as blackmail or to manipulate.

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