UI LABS solves large-scale societal challenges by forming industry-driven consortia to close the gap between innovation and commercialization. UI LABS is developing a portfolio of applied research and commercialization Labs that lead to a return on investment for its partners, improve local, regional and national competitiveness, and transform entire industries.The Digital Manufacturing and Design Innovation Institute (DMDII) is UI LABS’ first Lab. DMDII is revitalizing American manufacturing, by helping U.S. manufacturers to harness data to make their products better, faster, and more cost competitive.City Digital at UI LABS in Chicago innovates at the physical-digital convergence to create smart cities present and future. City Digital will impact four major areas within the built environment: Energy Management, Physical Infrastructure, Transportation, and Water and Sanitation.https://us9.campaign-archive.com/?u=1ce2da55118ade594da7c104b&id=79ed20e455&e=e0c7179a5f

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