USED ON ME AT MY EMPLOYER FOR THE STATE OF ILLINOIS DEPARTMENT OF HUMAN SERVICES HUB. WORKPLACE MOBBING BOOKS & DESCRIPTIONS, PHASES, BEHAVIORS,MANAGEMENT AND RECRUITED STAFF BULLYING, HARASSMENT, PSYCHOLOGICAL ATTACKS AND MANIPULATION. Smearing campaigns, defamation, unjustified illegal diagnosis, lies, false claims and reports, collective bullying and harassment tactics, wrongful termination using psychological attacks, forced transfers, resignations, early retirements, blacklisting, psychiatrist and management coercive roles, recruited staff roles, reduction in livelihood, turning everyone against the worker, forcing the employee into isolation due to harassment and bully and no knowledge of what’s going on and why, purposely evokes mental/physical illness in the employee to corroborate their false claims, provocations to have a mental breakdown from the stress, provocation to act out suicidally or homicidally or have person stigmatized to encourage institutionalizations from the false claims and diagnosis, turn everyone against the employee so they will think the person is mentally ill because they are unaware of what’s going on or happening to them.

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